Individual Core 1-Day Kit B

Individual Core 1-Day Kit B
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    Looking for an all-around emergency food solution? Our 1-Day Core Kit B provides breakfast, lunch, and dinner for 25 people for one day. Easy Meal Core Kits can be used in conjunction with other Easy Meal products, including Accessory Kits, Entrees, and 3-Day Kits, to enhance your emergency food supply menu. 

    Easy Meal's 1-Day Core Kit B contains: 

    Breakfast: Granola with Blueberries, Crackers (2)
    Lunch: Noodles & Chicken, Peas, Crackers (2)
    Dinner: Beef Stew, Corn, Cracker (1)

    The Easy Meal Difference

    Disaster or not, it's important to have a sufficient supply of nutritious, satisfying food on hand to fuel your patrons, employees, or guests. Easy Meal's Core Kits can help you accomplish this goal. With easy "just-add-water" preparation, 10-year shelf life and an easy-to-store package, our dietitian recommended meal kits make an excellent solution for any facility that is looking for a quality emergency food plan. 

    Not sure how much food you need? We're here to help - check out our emergency food calculator to determine the correct amount of food for your unique needs.