Noodles & Chicken Entree 4-Pack

Noodles & Chicken Entree 4-Pack
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    Easy Meal freeze-dried Noodles and Chicken kit is a delicious, satisfying meal prepared in minutes. Designed specifically for emergency food preparation, our Noodles & Chicken has a 10-year shelf life, which makes it ideal for long-term food storage. Just add water, and in minutes your hungry group will enjoy a tasty, nutritious meal to help keep them fueled when they need it most.  

    Freeze Dried Noodles & Chicken Kit

    Our freeze-drying method locks in flavor and guarantees a long shelf-life. Easy Meal Noodles & Chicken recipe features tender chunks of chicken and zesty red peppers in a rich creamy sauce. Each Entree 4-Pack contains four 25-serving pouches in one compact package, with a total of 100 servings.

    Be prepared! Disaster can arrive at a moments notice, only you can plan for an emergency. When an emergency occurs,  our Noodles & Chicken are easy to prepare with minimal resources in a disaster or emergency situation — all you need is water. And since it's dietitian recommended, rest assured that you're receiving the highest quality and most nutritious food to satisfy your group.

    With a long shelf life and easy preparation, Easy Meal Noodles & Chicken makes an excellent addition to any emergency food supply. Not sure how much food you need? We're here to help assist you! Planning meal servings is a snap with our emergency food calculator.